Women's Silver & Gold Bangles

    GLAMIRA’s bangles meet the highest standards of shape, colour and gemstones. While you can let your taste guide you, GLAMIRA's bangle bring rainbow colours around your wrist. Like all GLAMIRA jewellery, bangles combine your imagination with a whole palette of different hues of gems, from the purple of amethystt to the blue of sapphire, to the red of ruby and so on! They are designed and spliced in a harmony of colours and alloys. You can select one and bring it to life using GLAMIRA's brilliantly expressive and customisable details. GLAMIRA's designer jewellery line for bangles, including silver and gold bangles, encapsulates both the luxury of gold and the subtlety of silver. Having drawn inspiration from your wishes and imagination, GLAMIRA has put together a collection of gold, including yellow, silver, rose, and

    white gold bangles

    that will complement any look of yours! They carry the traditional to modern lines for women who want style and beauty reflected on their jewellery! Here are some examples explaining how unlimited you can feel to design your bangles: Firstly, you can select your model among many others, and the colours of gems, then will catch your eye; you can try any gem on your preferred design to see whether it can reflect your colour and accentuate your beauty. Even the shape of a petité diamond is in your hands and ready for you to decide whether it should be cushion or spherical! The next step is about your choice of alloy; a medium cuff bangle can be crafted of rose, white, yellow gold or silver. Last but not least, it is GLAMIRA's turn to combine all your choices in tune with your imagination. And GLAMIRA let those one-of-a-kind bangles arrive complete and ready to wear in a special gift box, perfect for safekeeping and gift-giving.