Be it an expression of your love!
Whether for your lover, best friend or your mother;
rings are ultimate symbols of eternity,
renewal and perfection and an essential choice to
be chosen as gifts on different occasions.


    Engaging somebody is supposed to be born on the left ring finger which is believed to be the vein of love. In this way, the couple believed to be joined at the heart. Indicate your devotion with a lifetime engagement ring!


    Your lifetime companions… May your wedding rings represent never-ending cycle of love and prosperity by having them engraved with a message of your choice.


    A ring is a vital piece of jewellery and with a coloured diamond it is even more stunning! Let your unique character stand out with a coloured diamond ring.

  • Plain Design Rings

    Plain Design Rings
    If simplicity is your style, the plain gold rings by GLAMIRA will complement your look in the most unique way.


When it comes to women's rings GLAMIRA is the best place to shop anywhere. There are many imitations but GLAMIRA is the number one place to buy jewellery. The reason why it is so popular is that for almost every item sold, you can personalise it and customise it in many ways. This is not an off the shelf product. Every item ordered by people around the world, people like you, are made to order. The artisans and customer service team of GLAMIRA are ready to make your dream come true when it comes to getting what you want.

If you are looking for diamond rings that sparkle, or for that special someone an engagement ring, GLAMIRA has likely the best selection of rings anywhere. The best thing is that finding, ordering and receiving the perfect custom and personalised gift is now so easy. From a simple fashion accessory to engagement and wedding rings, GLAMIRA has the design and styles that will turn heads and make smiles that will last a lifetime. The site has all that to offer and then some!

A diamond is the only way to ask “Will you marry me?” and diamond engagement rings are the best way to ask that question. You can find a large selection of rings in many collections. Once you decide on a ring, you can customise and personalise it as you wish. There are no off the shelf rings at GLAMIRA. Each and every ring is made to order by talented artisans who have decades of experience.

Want to go that extra step in a ring? Then you should consider diamond platinum rings. The stunning beauty and clean look is what jewellery is all about. Making a statement of beauty? Platinum is the best way to make your statement boldly and with no hesitation.

Solitaire rings are a lovely statement of simplicity and beauty. A single diamond or gemstone in any cut or size is yours for the making. Choose your metal and finish and then customise it even further with personalised engraving.

Want to add some colour to your life? Why not create gemstone rings for all your special occasions? One for family occasions, one for the office and one for going out with the friends. Birthstones, precious gemstones are all available from GLAMIRA. You can get your ring exactly how you want it, because your ring is a custom order.

If green is your colour, then emerald rings are for you. One large emerald or a cluster of small ones. The choice is yours. With so many options, you just might order a few.

As the deepest blue sea, and as blue as the sky, sapphire rings are always a wonderful statement of fashion and elegance. When you choose a sapphire, you are choosing not just a gemstone, you are choosing the stone that was sought after by kings, queens, sultans, and monarchs from every corner of the world

If red is your favourite colour, ruby rings are a must for your jewellery box. From deep to pale, a ruby has as many moods to choose from.

Want something more opaque in a ring? How about pearl rings from GLAMIRA? A pearl is a fine way to show your standards. Pearls are for more than necklaces. A pearl can be an accent or the main attraction for your rings. Can't decide? Why not order a few different styles with different metals and size of pearls? One for a fancy dress and one for that more casual outing.

There is always the standard set with white pearl rings. The opaque beauty that is neither matte or polished. A wholly unique centrepiece. Why not be the centre of attention yourself? You can make your pearl ring as personal as you wish.

If you want a more dainty pearl motif, why not check the selection of rose pearl rings that are available. Of course, you can customise your rings by using any gemstone on almost any ring design.

If black is your colour, then black pearl rings may be a welcome addition to your jewellery collection. It just may be the most lovely compliment to your black velvet dress. A black dress loves pearls.

When it is time to take serious to one level higher, engagement rings are always the best when you custom order them. Why have a ring that 'someone else' could be wearing? Why not take the step by step ordering process on the website and create your own masterpiece?

You're engaged. You do not have a moment to spare. So when it comes to choosing your wedding rings, why not do it from the comfort of your own home? Browse the collections and then when you have found the design you like, you can customise it to your wishes. Then you can personalise it by adding engraving or other features. It is all that simple and easy!

Some like to take things slowly so why not consider one of the large selection of promise rings from GLAMIRA? A promise ring is a wonderful way to say I love you and I care. If it is getting closer to an engagement ring, the promise ring is a great way to let your special someone know where you want the relationship to go.

You know you can always get gold rings. Yellow gold rings are a standard set for millennia. However today, you just have to decide on which type of gold you would like. How about rose gold rings with their classy antique look? Or white gold rings with the basis of a more modern look?

Of course, you can choose from many metals and alloys. You can always choose the most precious metal used in jewellery and choose something from the platinum rings collection. Everything that you can dream of in a ring, GLAMIRA can create it for you!