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Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings

Your lifetime companions… May your wedding rings represent never-ending cycle of love and prosperity by having them engraved with a message of your choice.


    Engaging somebody is supposed to be born on the left ring finger which is believed to be the vein of love. In this way, the couple believed to be joined at the heart. Indicate your devotion with a lifetime engagement ring!


    Eternity rings symbolise eternal love and lifetime memories.


    Special for brides-to-be! Brilliant solitaires and finest ring models are in company within our bridal set. Carry the reflection of felicity on your fingers!


    Unified in the same cause, they are embodiments of the pledge you have given to your lover. Glamira is on your side when you are stepping into new a world of happiness!


When it comes to buying wedding rings, GLAMIRA is the right place to be. A wedding ring is likely one of the most important piece of jewellery for a man and woman. A true gift of love and promise of a lifetime of happiness and bliss! At GLAMIRA, the whole process is very easy and once you have finished making your selections, you will have created your very own personal wedding rings! You choose the style, the design, the metal or alloy and the stone. Even the finish can be make to your liking. And then you can add some engraving to top it all off.

How and where do you start looking for wedding bands? Wandering around from shop to shop on the high street is from days gone by. Purchasing wedding bands from a cookie cutter online shop is not the way to go about it either. How about doing it the right way by selecting designs from the GLAMIRA collections and then make custom finishings to them? How about personalisation of the rings? Engraving? Special finishes? A diamond that will assuredly say I love you! GLAMIRA has many collections to choose from. They are Celtic, Classic, Slim, Simple, Twinset, Duo-Adore, Memoire, Exclusive, Extravagant, Fancy, Twist, Vintage, and Majesty. You can pick your style and personalise your favourite design!

When choosing wedding rings for women, it is always wise to match the ring to the hand and to the style that she wants. With this purchase, now is the time to do things right! With rings from GLAMIRA, you can customise the ring to match existing jewellery or to a particular metal hallmark that she already has. There is more than just yellow gold out there, men! You have to be prepared to find the perfect match of colours and designs! But you can trust GLAMIRA to get you through it all, with time to spare.

When it comes to wedding rings for men, all too often it is just a simple band of gold. Those days are long gone as well! How about showing the man you love how to be just a wee bit more stylish and show that his relationship is extra special? A diamond and platinum perhaps? Or rose gold and a diamond? Can’t decide on platinum or gold? How about palladium as a precious metal? It is all up to you in choosing the perfect ring for not just any man... Your man!

There is a exciting and modern trend of matching wedding bands for couples. Both rings are identical in design and style. Just the sizes are different to match the finger size. When look at your ring, you know your special someone is also looking at the identical ring wherever they are. When a ring is the symbol of a hug, you are both giving each other the same hug. It is a nice thing to know.

When you are selecting men's wedding bands, you can choose from the collections and find the perfect design. Once you have done that, you can choose the the perfect metals or alloys for the band. If you want to add a diamond or two, you can select the options to do so. Why not personalise it with a date, quote or names. You have full control of what and how the ring will look.

With women's wedding bands, there is more need for perfection. A dainty finger cannot have a clumsy big band on it. So finding the perfect match of size and style is important. When you decide on the design from the collections, you can make the band one of a kind by selecting the type of metal or alloy and the diamond size and cut.

How about looking for wedding ring sets? Everything you need for rings in one stop. All from the comfort of your own home or office. In fact you can order your GLAMIRA ring sets from just about anywhere! And who wouldn't want to spend more time with your loved one? It doesn't sound very romantic to be with your loved one and sales clerk after sales clerk, day after day? Highly unlikely...

When you have someone special, you need to prove you have someone special. Show it with diamond wedding bands! Diamond wedding bands have not only the sleek design of a band, it also has some sparkle to spice things up! Show the world you are a cut above the rest when it comes to wedding band fashion. Show the world your love “sparkles”!

A lasting tradition of gold wedding rings can be found at GLAMIRA. You can choose from a wide variety of ring designs from the collections. Then you can customise them as you wish. Choose a diamond big or small. Choose the cut and even add engraving. How about the finish to the surface of the gold? You have many finishes to choose from. Like polished, matte, to name just two. But what about sandblasted and wire brushed? There are many types of finish that you can get with some of the designs of rings.

Want to make things a little 'hotter'? Why not take a traditional design and highlight yourself from a selection of rose gold wedding rings? Rose gold is more red in hue and can make a wonderful compliment to your look. You can match your hair colour or compliment your green eyes. Rose gold is a lovely way to 'shake things up' when choosing your wedding rings.

What is all the fuss about yellow gold wedding rings you ask. The yellow gold wedding ring is most likely the longest running fashion statement ever. Since the discovery of gold, it has been used as an adornment. Over time, the craftsmen who first hammered out the metal discovered more ways to create amazing works of art. If you think that the art has finished developing, that, would be a misnomer. The art continues after many millennia to evolve and flourish. Alloys that create wonderful colours are still being based on the yellow gold standard creating fashionable jewellery and resilient timeless pieces to adorn humanity for eternity.

When it is time to choose your gold, you can always make a unique statement to with white gold wedding rings. White gold is metal that takes beautiful one step higher. A design that shows your strength and white is the colour of purity! Your unique style will impress everyone!

There is only one precious metal more precious than gold. Platinum! When you choose platinum wedding rings you are choosing the most precious metal used in jewellery. It's structure is not only that of perfection, it also gives your diamond setting an amazing base of class and beauty. Platinum is also a very strong metal and is resilient to bending and scratches.

How about checking the latest metals and consider palladium wedding rings for your fingers! Palladium was discovered at the turn of the last century and is very rare. Palladium is also used with gold to create the alloy white gold. White gold is similar in appearance and less dense than platinum. So it can be shaped in different ways than platinum. So palladium is more dense than yellow gold and less denser than platinum! So many choices indeed!

You may have noticed when looking at wedding rings the hallmarks that have been stamped or mentioned about the rings. Well to shed light on the matter these are known as hallmarks. Hallmarks are stamped on most precious metals to indicate their alloy composition. For example. 375 gold is known as 9 karat gold, and 575 gold is 14 karat gold. 750 is 18 karat. You should know that hallmarks are found on pretty much all precious metals. Silver, gold, platinum, and palladium in most countries around the world. So when you choose your metals and alloys, now you know what all those numbers mean. It is important to know that GLAMIRA will take the utmost care in creating your wedding rings to the specification you want. Custom and personalised in the way you deserve. All rings are one of a kind products as all the factors that make your rings special are chosen by you!

There are many traditions associated with weddings. One of the most sought after traditions are celtic wedding rings. Why not check out the wide selection of celtic rings on the GLAMIRA website? It is all up to you to take a design from the collections and then make it your signature wedding ring. You can select the metals or alloys. You can select the finishes like gloss or matte. You can even have multi-metal designs to match your simplicity or complexity.

If you have any concerns regarding the fit of your wedding rings, don't forget that GLAMIRA can customise your rings for a comfort fit. So you can wear your rings with no discomfort at all. Remember that if you cannot find the perfect solution on the website, you can always contact GLAMIRA's customer care centre and they can assist you in finding the solution to a physical or comfort issue.

When words cannot explain, or when they can, you can have almost anything written on your rings. GLAMIRA has engraving available for you to add names, dates, or even a short quote to your love's wedding ring. Engraving can be done in any style you want. Of course, there is a limit to the size and number of words you want but GLAMIRA has that all taken care of for you.

When it comes to wedding rings, you can choose what the jewellery store has to offer... Or... you can visit the GLAMIRA website and create your own customised wedding rings or bands with all the features you want!

There is nothing more endearing when selecting a custom wedding ring than with classic wedding rings. Heirlooms and legacy are two words that many want to share with their children and their children. Choosing a classic style will assure that the custom lives on. Forever! With the classic wedding rings, you have the most choices of finish from polished to matte with many different matte styles to choose from.

For those who have dainty fingers GLAMIRA recommends to have a look at the slim wedding rings collection. No need to search high and low to find a ring that doesn't make your hand and fingers look tiny. A slim band will accent your fine and elegant features perfectly.

As the retro look is always popular for weddings, so can be vintage wedding rings that you can custom design for your own vintage look. Taking into consideration the many choices available from GLAMIRA. Once you have decided on a design, you can customise and personalise it to your exacting specifications. Once your order is made, the GLAMIRA craftsmen take over and create your one of a kind beauty! Just like you. Unique and beautiful!