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All you need is tiny, simple touches! Earrings are jewellery for all life’s occasions. Dramatic to sophisticated, choose among the finest earrings to button up your style!


    Colourful and dashing! Make a charming difference and pick a pair of earrings that is precisely embedded with fancy coloured diamonds.

  • Plain Design earrıngs

    Plain Design earrıngs
    When you feel that less is more, you will find that desired simplicity at GLAMIRA. Explore plain gold earring designs for a modern look.

Earrings By GLAMIRA

It is amazing that something so small, and so delicate can make such a statement when it comes to fashion. Earrings are most likely the best way to say what you want to say. Bold, outrageous, classic, stylish and contemporary are just a few words to describe the earrings available for you at GLAMIRA. It is simple to create your next set of earrings. The website takes you through the whole process and then when you have finished your order, your custom order, is made by talented artisans, and when they are finished, your earrings will be delivered to your door. Or, to the door you want them to be sent to.

You can choose from diamond earrings that make you sparkle. Diamonds always explain to everyone who sees you that you are in control of your image and that you only want the best. Diamonds that are sourced from around the world for reliable sources that never acquire gemstones from conflict zones. Diamonds that can be any cut and size that you like. Everything and anything is possible. You are worth it, aren't you? You work hard and want to show it, don't you? Of course you do!

Do you want to take your earrings to the next level? How about diamond platinum earrings to show your sense of style even more? Or, you can show that special someone in your life how much your love means to you. There is nothing like diamonds. But when they are set in platinum, you know there is practically nothing more everlasting in the world. So when a gift for that everlasting love is what you want, you know that you can find it here. If you find something close and the option is not there that would make your earrings personal, you can always contact GLAMIRA’s professional customer service team to assist you in how to make what you want happen! GLAMIRA wants you to have exactly what you want. And you can have anything! GLAMIRA has the expertise to create any jewellery you could imagine. However, the earrings in this section will likely catch your eye and then you can make them your own. Customised and personalised. That is how GLAMIRA wants you to look. Like yourself with jewellery that suits your taste and not vice versa. No need to fit your style into someone else's image or style.

When it comes to selecting the style of your earrings, you have many options. GLAMIRA has many styles to choose from. How about diamond drops? Diamond drop earrings not only show off the diamond when you have longer hair, it accentuates your neck as well. The length of the drop can make a subtle or dramatic change in your appearance and for an elegant evening out these are a must for your jewellery collection.

The simplest way to show a diamond on earrings is with diamond studs. Diamond studs of course have the options of being large or small, and you can even choose the cut of the diamonds. The solitaire of the ear, is always an elegant way to shine all night. Or, when the environment you work in requires a more modest appearance, you have the perfect earrings to maintain your classy style. You have so many reasons to wear the earrings that you wear and there is always something to suit your needs at GLAMIRA.

A single diamond not enough for your earrings? How about diamond hoops to set the night ablaze? The hoop allows you to create a ring of fiery diamonds for all the world to see. You can always customise your earrings with the size, cut, and precious metals. When you create earrings or anything from GLAMIRA, you are creating a one of a kind piece of jewellery for yourself or, if it is a gift, for the one you love.

Do you want more colour in your life? More variety? How about gemstone earrings from GLAMIRA? All the colours of rainbow are available for you to choose from. You can even add birthstones to your creation as a gift to a loved one or family member. Precious gemstones are always a favourite when it comes to more friendly gifts as well. A gift for a coworker, relative, or friend. For almost any occasion, earrings are a great choice of gift for someone you know. Finding them is so easy and comfortable. Right from your desk, sofa or even on the express. It is all at your leisure. You are the boss here.

Giving a gift of emerald earrings is the perfect way to say that nature is a beautiful thing. Green in colour, emeralds are such a beautiful compliment to any outfit and for any occasion. Once a symbol from royalty, now a gemstone that can be found in any palace. Even your own palace if you like.

Conjuring up images of the orient, when you choose sapphire earrings, you have created a mystery all on your own with this gemstone. And its blue tones are a compliment to any outfit or occasion.

If a pair of ruby earrings wont turn heads, they are not from GLAMIRA. Gemologists at GLAMIRA travel the world to find the most exquisite red rubies that can be found. You can be assured that the rubies set into your earrings are of the highest quality.

Want a classic fashion statement? Want to arrive with pearl earrings at your next special occasion? You can do that with traditional white pearl earrings. If you are looking for an even more unique statement how about creating your own rose pearl earrings? Or for the subtlety of making an unforgettable entrance, how about black pearl earrings to set the standard of fashion? It is all up to you at GLAMIRA!