Pearl Jewellery


    Being a symbol of purity and innocence, pearls are always a popular choice for bridal jewellery. Browse GLAMIRA's pearl engagement rings for an extraordinary proposal.


    Pearls and diamonds... There is no other combination that could bring together purity and perfection on a piece of jewellery.


Nature truly is a remarkable thing. It produces and reproduces so many objects of beauty with just a little sunlight, minerals, and water. So when it comes to nature’s softest gem, you really should select your fine pearl jewellery from GLAMIRA. Pearls are such a statement of elegance and grace. They will compliment any fashion statement from casual to ballroom. No jewellery collection should be without them. Just imagine the cool softness of pearls. A pearl necklace glimmering around your neck, pearls on a bracelet against your arm. All beautiful and demure. Even pearl rings, earrings, and brooches are available at GLAMIRA.

What about pearl rings to compliment your attire? Pearl rings have an allure that says perfection is in reach. They are one of the very few items used for jewellery that are derived from the oceans of the world. Pearls are a gift from the seven seas and one should know that all pearls are not the same. They all vary in size, colour, and shape. GLAMIRA ensures that you are receiving real pearls that were produced in accordance to the type of pearl you wish to set on your jewellery.

Most people know white pearls. White pearl rings are quite stylish in their own right however there are also other choices in pearls. How about rose pearl rings? Or even black pearl rings? Once you have selected your design you can choose your colour of pearl. Can't decide? Why not get one of each so you can wear the perfect pearl to any occasion. How about black for the night life? How about one for the country club? How about one for work? There are many more places to wear pearls so let your imagination find them.

When it comes to pearl necklaces, rest assured that the pearls on your necklace from GLAMIRA are perfectly matched to make your necklace the most stunning you have ever seen. All pearls go through a rigorous inspection to ensure quality, then each pearl is sized to match each and every pearl on the string. Once the gemologists inspect the pearls, the artisans at GLAMIRA then create your custom made necklace. Every component of the necklace is made of the highest quality to assure you of a long lasting strand. A necklace that will last for eternity.

Of course you can select white pearl necklaces. You can always go for a more dainty look. How about rose pearl necklaces? Or to be more adventurous, choose a string from a selection of black pearl necklaces. You can have what you want and any order can be customised to your liking. When it comes to giving a pearl necklace as a gift, you will know that it will be an exciting moment when she first sees it. Her eyes will be wide with excitement as you place it around her neck. Truly a magical moment for both of you.

One may think that earrings are simple and sweet. However that is so far from the truth. Pearl earrings bring a warmth and softness that is matched by no other “gemstone”. In fact it is not a gemstone, therefore having the perfect pearl earrings are more than a fashion statement. They are one of nature's treasures from the seas. A set of earrings set with a single pear or a cluster of them is always exquisite. In any setting, they are truly beautiful. Match your pearls with other gemstones as well. With emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and even your, or your family's birthstones. Choose your precious metal or alloy to create a truly wonderful piece of art that you can wear anywhere you desire.

You can choose a range of colours of your earrings. You can go with classic and traditional white pearl earrings. You could also soften your style with pretty in rose pearl earrings. Or you can make your statement bright and bold with a pair of black pearl earrings. Black pearls are and have been an item found on some of the earliest jewellery found. Anything rare is always held in high esteem. So should you and your jewellery. With pearls, you have already made a wise decision, now, you just have to pick which colour... Or... You could order one of each... One for each mood and or occasion. Flashy or subtle, refined or outrageous, in all colours. You have a lot of online shopping to do now, don't you?

If you ever feel that diamonds are just too flashy, you can always select an engagement ring from the pearl engagement rings collections. Of course, you can customise and personalise your engagement rings. So if you want a certain metal or engraving, you can have it as you wish. There are a host of choices to ensure that you have your one of a kind engagement ring. A ring you will wear forever is an important decision now, isn't it? So having the perfect ring on your finger is what GLAMIRA wants for you. Customer satisfaction begins with your first click. Throughout the process, you can call a customer service professional to help you with any questions. It is your ring, it is your future, there is no place but first. No second guesses. Just the perfect ring for your or your love's finger.

Can't decide? Diamonds? Pearls for your ring? Now you can have both. Just for you. Let GLAMIRA create your perfect pearl rings with a diamond. Or even a diamond with pearls. It is always what you want! GLAMIRA can create practically anything you desire in fashion jewellery. And then personalise it as well. When it comes to pearls, you can only trust GLAMIRA to ensure that your custom and personalised pearls will be exactly what you want. GLAMIRA pearl jewellery is not just fashion for you, it is nice to know that your pearls will, one day, become heirlooms and a legacy from you for many years to come.