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As the only and true preference
of the kings and queens,
platinum is four times stronger than gold and
Is the best choice to reveal
the natural radiance of diamond.
With this pure and lustrous beauty of our
modern world, you can create
a sophisticated and stylish look for yourself.

Treat yourself as a member of royalty, Glamira is the way through to find this elixir of immortality.

Platinum Rings

Modern Love,
Modern Design

Platinum Engagement Rings 

Platinum Engagement Rings
Platinum Wedding Rings

Token of lifelong love

Platinum Wedding Rings 

Platinum Wedding Rings

Rare and stylish!

Platinum Pendants 

Platinum Pendants
Platinum Men's Rings

Pure Allure
Royal Style

Platinum Men's Rings 

Platinum Men's Rings

Embellish yourself
with this purity!

Platinum Earrings 

Platinum Earrings
Platinum Cufflinks

Flawless Fit,
Timeless Fashion

Platinum Cufflinks 

Platinum Cufflinks

    Rings that symbolize treasured moments. With its endurance, platinum is the perfect way to wear eternal beauty and speak your cherished feelings…


    Enrich your looks with fabulous Platinum Men’s Earrings. Light up your presence with fashion and a sleek style.


    Combination of pure style and superior durability will flawlessly fit any outfit you prepared for that special occasion...


    Innovative and graceful Platinum Plain Design Rings... designed to flatter and cherish that contemporary feeling of style.


    Designed to beautify the hands and attract attention with every move you make... Incredible and eye-catching Platinum Bracelets will reflect your modern sense of style and fashion.


    For any occasion that is yet to come to you, make a statement with Platinum Brooches which are perfect conversation starters! Perfect choice to form a charming first impression...


There is a lot of talk about platinum jewellery more and more. Platinum is a precious metal that has the beauty of being colourless and has durability properties like no other metal. More rare than gold, this metal won't warp or bend, yet it is not heavy. This is why it is a wise choice to consider when creating your custom and personalised GLAMIRA jewellery.

You can find a wide variety of designs that you choose to make platinum rings for example. You can select diamond or other gemstones, even have your ring engraved with your favourite words inside the band. There are almost endless combinations to create your masterpiece. A masterpiece that will last for eternity. What more could you ask for? Jewellery that will give you and your loved one happiness that knows no boundaries. That has no boundaries. Timeless and limitless. Platinum says all that, and it looks, well, just fabulous too!

How about platinum wedding rings? Having one of the most durable metals in the universe should also be appropriate for your wedding rings. You can select matte and polished finishes as well for any metal from GLAMIRA. When you buy a platinum ring from GLAMIRA, you are choosing the best maker of jewellery anywhere. Why settle for something that was supplied to the seller when you have THE seller designing the jewellery, sourcing the metals and gemstones, as well as custom crafting each and every piece for you.

When looking for a pendant, why not consider platinum pendants for your next addition to your jewellery box? Sometimes you want something with the sophistication that surpasses gold or silver. You want something that has a stunning brilliance but yet remains humble. That is platinum. There is a wide variety of pendants you can choose from and when you choose platinum, you have made a decision that you are the best, and you deserve the best.

Certain complexions and skin types need something more than gold or silver, some people are sensitive to silver and gold may get lost against their skin type. With platinum necklaces, the true beauty of the jewellery stands out. So if your skin is dark or pale, and any shade in between, platinum will look amazing against your skin. No clash of colour will happen when you wear this jewellery. Even so it you're wearing a gold sequin dress, platinum will rise to the occasion. Every time!

Remember that jewellery is not just for women. Look at treating yourself or the one you love to platinum men's rings. You choose the design from the collection and then select platinum as the metal. It is all that simple here. A man's worth is not only shown in his bank account, or the circle he runs with. But also his individual statement as a man of men. So why settle for the typical metals and alloys? Being a man who wears a metal like platinum will only be seen as a success. Your man deserves platinum this time. GLAMIRA is sure he will smile a big smile receiving platinum jewellery.

When you are successful, so should be your choice of jewellery. Gold has long held the standard as the metal of choice, but how about moving up to platinum women's rings? A wide selection of rings are available from GLAMIRA and you are in full control of what you get. Of course, you get what you want. Nothing less. So when you order your custom rings, you get exactly what you want. No doubt about it. Every time. If you want diamonds you can have diamonds. If you want diamonds and rubies? You can have it. Sapphires? Emeralds? They all can be set to your platinum jewellery. Your imagination is the limit. So you can now have the exact jewellery the exact way you want it. Instead of saying “that's nice, but” you can honestly say that “I had it designed for myself” and have exactly what you want. Now it is not very often you get to do that when it comes to fashion, is it?

You've decided on buying a platinum ring, so now why not treat yourself to a pair of platinum earrings from GLAMIRA. A wide variety of earrings to choose from are available on the website. Browse GLAMIRA's fine collections and pick a design to be custom made just for you. Once you have ordered, the artisans will start to make your ring as you requested. Remember, each and every ring is made to order. Made for you. Even sizing is easy when you request the ring sizer. You will be assured that the ring will be a perfect fit. If you have any questions, you can always get help from the professional staff at GLAMIRA's customer service centre.

You've found all the wonderful platinum jewellery for yourself and it is time to select something for that special man in your life. How about a pair of platinum cufflinks? Cufflinks come in all different shapes and sizes and you can be as serious or as playful as you like in choosing a design. Why not order a couple sets? You can order formal and fun at the same time. One set that says “I'm in charge here” and the other that says, “I'm great at what I do!” It is all up to you. Every time.

When you want the most spectacular and world class jewellery, you must have in your collection

platinum diamond rings for all those special occasions. Diamond platinum rings say volumes when style is in question. You are a trendsetter and you deserve nothing less but the best. As the world leader in high end custom jewellery, GLAMIRA will ensure that you have the finest quality products money can buy.