Diamond Silver Necklaces



    Necklaces are the most common type of jewelry. They dated back to ancient times and since then, they have been used by the people. Necklaces are worn on the neck and they have a power to symbolize power and status based on the stone they are made up of. Moreover, there are some necklaces that are worn on special days. So, necklaces function in various ways and that’s why it is important to select a good and quality necklace.

    Customizable Necklaces

    You are looking for a unique and quality necklace but you can not find it .Do not worry! Glamira is here for you. Glamira provides its customers with a variety of necklace modes, precious stones, cut shapes and prices. Moreover, you can design your own necklace by adjusting the subcategories such as color, carat and stone shape.

    Necklace Models

    When you decide to purchase a unique and personalized necklace, thus having a look at Glamira, you will encounter several types of necklaces. Do not get confused, we will go into the details and make you informed about the models.

    When you enter the website of Glamira, you will be asked to choose the styles among “ Halo, Angel, Cross, Keys, Infinity, Charm and Solitaire.” These styles differ in that they are made up of different pendants. For instance, cross includes pendants shaped cross and infinity consists of a pendant shaped like infinity symbol.

    As you design your necklace, you will choose the precious stone for your necklace. You can make a choice among such various options as “emerald, ruby, sapphire and diamond.” You can get crystal necklaces by choosing among gemstones On Glamira.For instance, you can select diamond and then you can customize your diamond necklace. You can determine the color of the diamond such as black, yellow, green and blue. Moreover , you can adjust the cut shape of it and you can narrow the price scale according to your budget.

    Another type of necklace is initial necklaces. Glamira enables the customers to personalize their jewels and make the jewels much more meaningful. Necklaces have a symbolic effect and they can carry big meanings for the wearer. Initial necklaces are one of the most symbolic and meaningful necklaces. On Glamira, you can design your initial necklace through various options. You can select the pendant on which the initial will be engraved , you can select the precious stone and adjust the chain. After you are done with the design of the necklace. You should decide the initials to be engraved. You can engrave your initials as a symbol of your identity or you can engrave more than one initials. For instance, you can make your and your beloved initials on a graceful necklace as a symbol of your love and commitment. You can also engrave the initials of a loved one who is dead. By making the initial engraved, you can always remember her/him and display your infinite bond and longing.

    Name necklaces are another model for necklaces. Likewise initial necklaces, they carry big meanings and they have symbolic meanings. You can make your name engraved as a tribute to yourself or you can engrave your loved ones in order to display your love and commitment to them.

    Precious stones

    Glamira also enables you to choose the precious stone for your necklaces. A lot of precious stone options are available on Glamira. For instance, you can choose topaz or aquamarine for your necklaces. Each of these stones have different meanings and they represent different concepts.

    Topaz is known to represent love and affection. Moreover, Topaz is believed to increase creativity, help people relax and get over depression. Also, it is thought that topaz brings good fortune.

    Aquamarine is another type of precious stone that you can employ in your jewels. Aquamarine is associated with emotional clarity. So, it helps you clarify your thoughts and see the reality in a clearer way. It is also known as the mermaid’s stone and it has so many physical and emotional healings. It gives you mental and emotional comfort. The reason why it has so many healing properties may be that it is an ocean stone. It turns from water to stone.Therefore, since our body is mostly composed of water, it is very normal for aquamarine to be beneficial for our body. Moreover, It helps in sore throat and thyroid problems and regulates hormones. So, aquamarine helps you get through illnesses and balances hormones.

    As for the emotional benefits of aquamarine, we can say that it gives calmness and relief. It keeps you away from depression, it balances your emotions and it alleviates anxiety. It enables you to have a clear mental state and prevents your mind from confusion. Moreover, it is believed that it also brings people into a meditative state. So, by wearing aquamarine on your necklaces, you can benefit all of these benefits of it.

    Silver necklaces

    Glamira also enables you to select the metal to be used in your necklaces. For instance, by choosing silver for your necklace, you can get silver necklaces. Glamira helps you obtain real silver necklaces.

    Silver jewellery is very popular right now and Glamira provides you numerous kinds of options on which you can use silver. For instance, Glamira offers you 925 silver and 925 silver & gold. So, you can also mix two metals for your necklaces. 925 silver means that the silver is %92,5 pure. Therefore, 925 silver necklaces are both qualified and they come in various models thanks to Glamira.