Kids' Necklaces


    Kid's Necklaces & Pendants By GLAMIRA.

    GLAMIRA's product line for kid's jewellery includes kids' necklaces and pendants made from many colourful materials specially designed harmoniously with children's imaginary world. Pendants featuring favourite motifs like hearts, butterflies, ladybugs and flowers are very popular with pre-teen girls. Necklaces can be combined with matching bracelets and earrings to form stylish

    jewellery sets.

    The pendants are hung from silver necklaces or colourful straps, which can be chosen from the various chains provided by GLAMIRA. Their shine will instantly catch your eye, and their unique qualities will be the sponsor for your kids' dreams to come true. Since you don't need a beautifully illustrated book to fire your kid's imagination, GLAMIRA offers glamorous designs of kids' necklaces beyond the clichés like a yellow splotch on a page to be a sun.